You are so loved.

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Welcome. I'm Glad You Are Here.

What would your life look like without shame? I invite you to read 'Shame Off You' and discover the truth of who you are. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. 

Shame wants you to believe you're incapable of creating an authentic life, and that it's better for you to live as someone else. Truth is; there's no one quite like you and that's why being you is important.

Each person has a unique life to live. When you hide yourself, your story isn't being told. Embrace all of you and allow those you love to have the gift of the whole you; Authentic and unashamed.

Have you felt held back or insignificant from shame you have carried for years?

Are you ready to remove it and step into the life you were designed for?

In Shame Off You, you will learn how to discover who you really are underneath all the years and layers of shame and begin to live authentically. Each chapter will inspire you to embrace every part of you and celebrate the unique gifts you carry. As you wade into the waters of your true identity you will become more confident and encouraged to make your mark in the world.

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'She Speaks' Kate's First Book.

 She Speaks is a powerful story of hope and redemption as Kate Troyer takes you on her childhood journey of the pain of believing lies about who she was. Kate shares the darkest moments in her life that brought her to who she is today, a strong woman of courage and resilience who is grateful for the hard things that created within her a heart of  compassion for others. The things that were meant to destroy Kate became her gift.  When the lies she believed were uncovered, they became powerful truths to equip her to live a life at peace.

About Kate; Author, Speaker and Advocate for Women.

Kate's writing roots

With my love for words and the English language, I first thought of writing a book at the age of twelve, but as a young Amish girl, it was unlikely I'd ever be anything other than a wife and mother. Fast forward a number of years, I found myself married, no longer Amish, with one child and on the precipice of divorce. The emotional trauma involving molestation from childhood caught up with me. Finding myself broken and heart scattered, I remembered my ideas as a young girl of writing a story. I began to write the words locked up inside the deepest recesses of my heart. The outcome was 'She Speaks' my life story and the culmination of having found peace with what was and clarity to begin creating the life I now live, choosing to respond instead of react. Book two, 'Shame Off You' is to be published soon.

Kate's style

I write daily. It might be fifty words or a thousand. I keep my notepad with me at all times, and jot down thoughts about what I'm experiencing at the moment or inspiration for new adventures I want to embark on.

Kate's background

I didn't know what it meant to live until the day I learned to read. As a little girl I attended a one room parochial school and exhausted the small stash of library books the school had. At home on the farm, I'd prop the door to the upstairs of the farmhouse open so I could read in my room, keeping one ear tuned to hear when Mom yelled for me to clean  or do dishes. I'd slam the book shut, shove the well-worn book marker in place and rush downstairs as quietly and quickly as possible so Mom wouldn't know I was upstairs with my nose buried in a book, yet again.


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